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We will complete the work of sourcing, quality control, warehousing, packaging & product customization, order fulfillment, etc. for you.


If you're an e-commerce company or independent seller looking for an easy, efficient, and low-cost fulfillment service, you're in the right place. Whether you are a Shopify, WooCommerce, ETSY or Ebay seller, ORCAZOOM can provide a full range of dropshipping services

Professional  Dropshipping  Fulfillment  Service

​Fast delivery

The average delivery time is less than 10 days, and the fastest delivery time is about 3-5 days

​lower price

Our price is 10% lower than the average price of Aliexpress, because we have lower operating costs and purchase directly from the factory.

one-on-one service

We provide 7*12H exclusive customer service to quote for your products, answer your question and deal with order issues.

Fulfill orders automatically

After linking your store to our system, your orders will be synced to our ERP, and we will automatically fulfill the orders for you.

for free

No long-term contracts or monthly fees, and product quotations include all costs, to help you quickly start e-commerce.

What can we bring you?

Factory & Product Sourcing

We are your reliable agent, and we can purchase all kinds of products directly from the factory  for you and at a good price; we can solve the communication difficulties caused by language barriers and cultural differences for you.; we can figure out the quality differences of products from different suppliers and find the most cost-effective products; and we can provide you with OEM, branding and other customized services.

about us

Orcazoom originated in Shenzhen, China. Since 2015, we have been engaged in e-commerce retail as well as import and export trade. During this experience we met partners from all over the world, we often purchasing products, buying samples, fulfilling retail orders and some bulk orders for them. These works allow us to win-win, and we also enjoy it.

In today’s globalized trade, the division of labor and cooperation allow us to magnify each other’s advantages. We can find a variety of products in China, the world factory; and we can integrate a variety of high-quality logistics solutions and make use of our advantages in international trade. These ensure that we can delivery all kinds of products to all parts of the world.

We have been thinking about how to make our services bring more value and convenience to our customers, and we are also happy to see our customers gain wealth through cross-border e-commerce. What we expect is that our customers can use our services more easily and conveniently to engage in cross-border e-commerce and continue to profit. Then we founded Orcazoom, focusing on providing dropshipping fulfillment services to our customers. Orca is a united, intelligent, swift and friendly marine creature, these magical characteristics are very consistent with our direction of action and expected corporate culture. We also hope that these elements can bring vitality to our business and continue to create various possibilities.


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